About Us

Pure Sense is small business located at Ulverstone on the North West Coast of Tasmania

All the wax products are personally hand crafted by Emma Singleton.

After doing research of the many types of wax’s available on today’s market, the Soy wax was clearly the best option being totally environmentally friendly and does not put your health at risk by containing no toxic chemicals or carcinogenic compounds (cancer causing substance or agent).

The Soy wax comes directly from the Soy Bean, where as some of the other waxes available are created from or include petroleum which is where the health related issues have been related to.

Soy wax has a lower burn temperature making them safer than other candles on the market as you can dip your finger in the burning wax without scalding your skin and this also is a great way to moisterise your skin – leaving it feeling soft.

Our soy candles are Eco-friendly, hand-crafted and biodegradable. Custom crafted with top-grade fragrance oils, we guarantee our soy candles to be the safest, most fragrant Eco-candle you’ll find here in Tasmania!