First Burn
Candles should be left to burn until a complete melt pool has formed across the top of the container (approx. 4 hours), Allowing candles to liquefy to the edge before extinguishing will prevent tunnelling.

Wick Trimming
Wicks should be trimmed after every burn. Keeping wicks trimmed to 6mm (1/4inch) and out of draft will prevent smoking and excessive mushrooming. Avoid trimming your wicks too short, this will cause improper burning conditions.

Extinguishing Candles
Ideally your candle should always be extinguished by "dunking' the wick into its own pool of liquid wax using an implement such as a pencil or chopstick. This will limit the amount of smoke emitted from your candle and it will also prep your candle for the next burn. Always allow candles to cool before relighting.

Naturally biodegradable and water soluble, soy wax can be washed away with warm, soapy water and a cloth.

As our wicks are 100% cotton or bamboo (Wood Wick Collection) you will notice a "mushrooming" of the wick. This is a natural characteristic of the wick. To provide the strongest burn possible, we recommend you remove the black "mushroom" before burning and periodically during burning.

Star Burst & Bubbles
Often, you will se mottling or what some call "Star Bursts" on your candle. This is a natural characteristic of a pure soy candle and should not be considered a flaw - it is in no way detrimental to the form or function of the finished candle. A slightly rough top is completely normal with all pure soy candles. not only when you are first produced, but also after they cool from burning. Sometimes you may experience bubbles around the outside of the candle this is another natural characteristic of the pure soy product. This does not effect the burn quality of your candle.

Place candles on a heat resistant surface away from flammable materials, Keep out of children, pets and drafts. Always keepthe wax pool free of foreign objects such as wick trimmings, "mushroom" particles and matches. Keep candles away from direct sunlight as they may cause fading. Never burn your candle any longer than 3-4 hours at anyone time and when your have 1/2 inch of wax remaining in your candle its time to end your candles life.